Privacy Policy

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Last Updated: Thursday, June 09, 2011

This privacy policy applies to the website and email

For legal and privacy issues, please address queries to:

Flying Tugboat Studios
401 Thames St
Hagerstown, MD 21740

Tracking and Monitoring

All traffic is logged by IP and domain name entering and leaving our server.


We enable cookies in the following areas, and for the following purposes:

Affiliated websites

When you leave or website by clicking a link to an affiliated website (note: Affiliates are not owned or operated by Flying Tugboat Studios, nor are we responsible for how they use cookies), a tracking cookie is placed on your machine with our affiliate code so that we are credited for any transaction that takes place on the affiliate’s server.  These tracking cookies do not contain any personal data while on our server.

Quality Assurance                             

Anonymous tracking cookies may be placed on your computer to gather qualitative data, such as where you entered, left, and what pages you used. This information is used to help improve our website. No personal data is stored in these cookies.

Content rotation / Banner rotation does not currently have content rotation or banner rotation, but we may do so in the future to track which content the user has already seen.

Support System

Our support system uses cookies to track various functions, such as whether or not the client is still logged in.  All users must enable cookies to receive support through our website.  No personal data is stored, but information linking your computer to a specific account on is.  Your account information is not shared with 3rd parties however.


Email addresses are collected through clearly labeled forms and used only for internal purposes.  We do not transmit email to 3rd parties except under the following conditions:

  • The user prompts us to as requested in a support ticket, where the user cannot email the 3rd party directly.  This may be true with some of the partners that we work with.
  • Email list programs directly administered by but not housed on our servers.  Examples of such programs are eWeber and Constant Contact.  Please see ‘opting out’ below for more information on these lists.
  • External Payment Accounts - Payment providers such as Paypal identify users by email, and by using our services you grant us permission to send your email address to them should we be required to for accounting and transactional purposes.

Opting Out

If you no longer wish to receive promotional emails from us, please follow the instructions at the bottom of the emails in question.  This will allow you to automatically opt out.  If you continue to receive email, please submit a ticket to receive support on opting out, or send us postal mail at the address above identifying which email address you want us to remove.

Please be aware, that you will still receive email from technical support in the event of network issues or to receiver technical support.  This will be true as long as you maintain an account with us.


If you feel that, at any time, we are violating the above policy please contact us immediately at 240-356-2111 or by submitting a ticket.

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